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Choose vinyl floor installation services on the South Shore

While natural hardwood floors offer a ton of benefits, they're not always in everyone's budget. Luckily, Robert Mihaich Flooring has a more affordable option that's just as stylish! We offer luxury vinyl floor (LVP) installation services throughout the Somerset, Berkley, Southeastern, MA & South Shore area.

Our vinyl floors look just like hardwoods but are made from a composite vinyl material that's way more affordable. Get the look of hardwood floor without the hefty price tag.

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Are vinyl floors right for you?

If you're worried that natural hardwood flooring won't hold up to the high level of wear and tear in your household, choose vinyl floor installation instead. LVP floors are:

  • Water-resistant, making them perfect for bathroom and laundry rooms
  • Stain-resistant, so they're a great option in kitchens or basements
  • Tear-resistant, which means they can go in any room of your house
Choose an economical and more durable alternative to hardwood. Reach out today to schedule your LVP floor installation.